What We Do

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Danenberg Consulting develops professional technology solutions for business, non-profit, and government clients. We balance our core competency in database development with web, design, and multimedia skills. Our custom approach has resulted in many outstanding line-of-business applications. We are experts in Microsoft and open source technologies.


We develop the core data applications that enable modern businesses to thrive. Our solutions combine a deep knowledge of data architecture with the ability to understand and deliver what our clients really need. We use Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL database platforms to develop console and web data applications. We upgrade existing Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access systems to the latest technology. We provide Microsoft SQL Server administration onsite or remotely.

Business Analytics

We help you understand and distribute your data with reporting and analysis platforms such as SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and SQL Server Analytical Services (SSAS). Add custom reporting capabilities to your application or website. We can create effective 2D and 3D data visualizations.

Data Warehousing

For enterprise applications, we create data warehouses dedicated to archiving, reporting, and data analysis. Data from production systems collects in these central repositories, which are often structured differently for efficient report performance and complex analysis. We maintain optimal data collection performance by separating warehousing concerns from your live databases.

Information Technology

Our partners provide vital infrastructure including Virtual CIO and Offsite Data Storage services. We simplify administration of email servers by providing Hosted Exchange solutions. We provide services in Project Management and Technical Writing.

Web Development

Thoroughly understanding application development from database to interface makes us a killer web development shop. Need to tweak some PHP or integrate a CMS component with a MySQL back end? Perhaps a robust Ruby on Rails or ASP.NET MVC web application? We'll go there.


We create visually attractive, user-friendly web interfaces that are well coded and optimized for browsers and mobile devices. Whether you need a template-driven content management system or a simple static site, we make sure the underlying markup is compliant with current standards. Your web site will tie in to your branding, while taking full advantage of the web medium.


Our favorite CMS platform is Drupal. It's a powerful and widely used content management platform that is great for express development of so many kinds of web sites. Best of all, it's open source and supported by a huge community of loyal developers. We swear by it because it makes a rich web presence available to so many people who would otherwise be priced out of custom development.


Our connections in the music, television, and film world tie in nicely with the demands of Web 2.0 content generation. We can integrate video content seamlessly in your web application. Our partners can create production quality audio and video to promote your application or startup endeavor. Imagine top-notch training or presentation materials!

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