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Our talented team of programmers, technicians, and artists deliver outstanding results.


Kevin Danenberg

Kevin Danenberg

President & Principal Consultant
New York, NY

Kevin's approach blends a deep technical and creative skillset enabling a broad range of solutions. While he wrote his first line of code 30 years ago, he began musical and artistic activities even earlier. He began programming professionally in 1995 as a consultant and hasn't missed a beat since then.

He began Danenberg Consulting in 2002, providing database and web development services. Clients value his personal approach, intelligence, integrity, and ability to provide solutions above and beyond their expectations. Competency in skills is not enough — a top consultant communicates honestly with clients and has the wisdom to lead a project to success. Kevin strives not only to be an expert, but a partner in every client's success.

In his off hours (there aren't many!), Kevin enjoys playing saxophone, photography, softball, biking, learning new technology, and exploring the artistic side of New York City. He performs occasionally with a variety of working bands and is studying improv comedy.

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We assemble our project teams from many talented and passionate individuals and companies. These are some of the partners we've been thrilled to work with.

Michael Helmuth

Michael Helmuth

Senior Application Architect
Nashville, TN

Mike has helped design some of our more complex information systems. He's a no-nonsense problem solver with deep programming skillset from Java to C#, and is handy coding anything from Microsoft SQL Server stored procedures to integrating all components of a service-oriented architecture. We like to pull him in for enterprise work. Formerly located in Brooklyn, Mike has relocated to Nashville, TN in preparation for an upcoming world bike trek.

Andrew Shaffer

Senior Database Developer
Port Washington, NY

Andy is not only highly competent in all phases of database design, he's also a master of communicating with business owners and providing fundamentally sound businessness solutions. He hired Kevin in 1995 as a consultant for his company PC-FM, Inc. and put him to work building database applications for the likes of Cablevision, the Guggenheim Museum, Polshek & Partners, and Beyer Blinder Belle. Fast forward to 2012, and Andy is a valuable resource to Danenberg Consulting and our clients.

PC-FM, Inc.

Derek Landel

Derek Landel

Web Developer
New York, NY

Derek has extensive experience developing web and database applications for top players in the pharmaceutical industry. His front-end design skills and database experience add to his value as an ASP developer.

Ethan Herr

Multimedia Artist
New York, NY

Ethan is an accomplished multimedia artist with experience in video production, editing, web development, and film scoring. He is an active musician in the NYC area with a master's degree in Jazz Composition.

Jon Gala

Front-End & Graphic Designer
New York, NY

Jon is a fantastic designer who works wonders in both web and print design. He's currently busy developing UX projects for DataDog, but we are fortunate to tap his talent and insight from time to time. And when he's not slinging pixels, he's building race cars. How cool is that?

Donald Sutherland

Linux System Administrator
Guilford, CT

Don is an absolute Linux guru. He administers some servers we use, and we occasionally call upon him to wrestle the Linux penguin and develop ingenious server-side tricks. He is well-versed in Apache configuration, many scripting languages, and the typical Linux system administrator's toolkit. Don is also an avid eurogamer and consummate family man.