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I'm putting the finishing touches on a new look for the Danenberg Consulting site. I felt the old site was rather dull with its blue and tan color scheme. So to liven things up, I thought I'd give teal and fluorescent brown a whirl! I consider the brown and orange somewhat of a nod to Ubuntu, which I've been using a lot lately. However, I arrived at it as a complement to this lovely teal (RGB #006F6F), which itself was a loose translation of CMYK 100/0/40/45, color number 57 in the book Color Harmony 2: A Guide to Creative Color Combinations. From there, I went to the ever-improving Color Scheme Designer 3 site to develop a color palette.

Most of the design was done using Photoshop and UltraEdit. I replaced the old dark side menu with a lighter tones to keep the pages bright. I tried to follow contemporary web trends with the full-width horizontal banner and simple background gradient, while adding my own touches and not specifically emulating any particular site.

A few weeks ago, I migrated the whole site over to the open source Drupal content management platform. This was largely for two reasons: to simplify maintenance of the site, and to build a user support system into the site using various Drupal modules. As an added benefit, I've started a blog here to talk about exciting business and industry topics such as these!

Enjoy the new site! Your feedback is always important, so please comment or send a message.

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